12/02(December 02) White Night in Tinos



White Night in Tinos

The White Night of Tinos will be held for the fourth consecutive year on Saturday 2 December 2017.
This year, many events will take place during the White Night. The lighting of the Christmas tree by the Municipality of Tinos accompanied by the Philharmonic of PIETT. , the children's choir TIN ANGELS JUNIORS by Georgiou Bakoyannis who will sing Christmas songs, the events of the Tinos Commercial & Crafts Association and the Municipality of Tinos will all be waiting for you to feel the magic of Christmas. 

Christmas figures (penguins, fawn, fir, Mickey and Minnie) will be photographed with everyone and they will go around the market, sledding, Santa Claus and artificial snow will await you to take pictures of them, pop corn and candy wool will is free for everyone, the cookie workshop will give children the opportunity to create and taste their own Christmas cookies, the ohsnap fotobooth will be waiting for you to be photographed with christmas and funny props, face painting will paint the children's faces s in the ice igloo, the workshop of elves will help young and old to send their letters to Santa Claus and KDAP of Tinos Municipality will play and create with children.

Please note that shop hours and offers are strictly valid only for 2 December 2017 from 17:30 until 24:00. The shops that will participate in bids will have, as every year, a special mark from the Club at their entrance to facilitate the consumer.

 For the inhabitants of the villages there will be specially arranged routes to and from the villages of the hinterland, which are:

From Panormo - Start at 17:00 - Arrival at Chora at 18:00 (Pyrgos - Ysternia - Kardiani - Tarambados - Kampos - Tripotamos - Chora)

From Myrsini - Start at 17:00 - Arrival at Chora at 18:00 (Steni - Falatados - Mesi - Kechros - Arnados - Two Villages - Triantaros - Chora)

From Kalloni - Start at 17:00 - Arrival at Chora at 18:00 (Komi - Perastra - Krokos - Skalados - Loutra - Hora).