Asteria hotel



The manager of the Hotel Asteria welcomes you in Tinos.

On the Holy island, the beautiful island, the island of culture and civilization. 

The Holy island, because it is chosen by Our Lady to be Hers through the finding of Her Holy Icon. The Holy island, because all the Tinians truly believe in God as it is proved by the 1.000 chapels there are all over the island and keep all the traditions and customs of the Christians alive.

The beautiful island because here the nature is amazing and the inhabitants created, in the past, picturesque villages and dovecotes of a unique architectural style. The island of Art and Culture, because the greatest artists of Greece were born here such as Giannoulis Halepas, Nikolaos Gyzis, Nikiforos Lytras, Lazaros Sohos, Demetrios Fillipotis and others known or unknown who have decorated, with their paintings and sculptures, not only Tinos but all Greece.

Meet the beauty and the attractions of our island.
Visit the nunnery of St.Pelagia and the beautiful villages.
Get some souvenirs of your visit.
Taste the local products. Live our traditional hospitality.

The manager and the staff of our hotel are at your disposal for any information and service.

Have a nice stay.