Ysternia is a picturesque village located on the slope of the mountain “Meroviglia”. It owes its name to its position (ysterna = the end). Here you will see marble paved streets, arches, courtyards, two-storey houses decorated with marble lintels.
The village with a spectacular view to the island of Syros is a true balcony to the Aegean. It is the homeland of many great sculptors, such as G. and I. Vitalis, who studied in the Art School of Munich and received many honorary distinctions abroad, L. Lameras, who studied in Greece and Paris, L. Sochos, who culminated in Europe, A. Sochos who excelled in the art of wood carving. Miloi (Mills), located in the north of the village, is a unique landscape with many ruined windmills, which have been declared “monuments to preserve”. An old marble paved road leads to a splendid sandy beach (“Ormos tis Ammou”) in the south.

Distance from Chora: 18.5 km / 29 mins by car

Road condition:

source: www.tinos.gr