06/10 (June 10) The Truck, a concert by Savvopoulos D.




The Truck ("To Fortigo") by Savvopoulos, @ Delos!


In the particular archaeological site of Delos, some charismatic young songwriters - who have already started their own exciting musical journey - stand beside Dionysis Savvopoulos to accompany, sing and celebrate with him the town where he was born and defined.

We will hear the songs and the stories of "Fortigo" ("The Truck"), we will see how the famous and distinguished Savvopoulos of 2016 meets the unknown and young Savvopoulos of 1966 and how he now interprets, after fifty years, the songs of his first album.

It is noteworthy that apart from the 12 songs of the "The Truck" will also be heard songs such as "Deadly Loneliness of an AA" Or "Amnesty '64" -which despite been cut from censorship in 64-65, they were written then and therefore belong to the same collection of songs.
"The Truck" begins its summer journey from a magical place.

Savvopoulos, Delos, Summer, Saturday, full of moon. A dreamy night.


The pre-sale of tickets began, with points of sale in Mykonos:
KDEPPAM offices (2 Panachrantou str.) and
"SEA AND SKY" tourist agency (Takis Manesis) at the seafront (Yialos).
You can also book your tickets online at viva.gr.
Ticket price: 40 euros (including transfer to Delos)

The boat to Delos departs from the Delian port (next to the City Hall, at the end of Yialos, at Old Port) at 19.30΄.