Achna Speedway



Achna Speedway is the first Car and Bike track in Cyprus, first opened in 2011. Owner and founder Mr. Christakis Christou dreamt to open the first track for cars and bikes in Cyprus. He got together with Hiroki Furuse, Nobushige Kumakubo (Team Orange), Yiannis Fesas, Neofitos Vlasiou, Sofianos Lamprou and Panagiotis Zacharia to design Achna Speedway.

The track is 2.2Km long and it consists of numerous turns such as Kuma, Giannis, Marios, Achna Chicane and it has a long straight (Farm). Also incorporated in the design is a drag strip. There is also an open practice space for drifters and stunt bikers. Next to that a brand new course for remote control cars.