" To Stavri " Traditional Meze House



In Agiaso you will find one of the most traditional cafe houses of the island " To Stavri ". For two decades, the Viglazis family cafe serves you in the well-known Platanos tree of the Village at Stavri( corner )  where it was named. The traditional cuisine with fresh dishes and seasonal dishes will spoil you.
Dishes such as: Trahanas - Cheese stuffed with Tomato and Cheese, Easter pies, Meatballs with our family recipe, cabbage-daltons, seasoned mushrooms and many other dishes and dishes that will stimulate your culinary desires. The tradition and the local dialect embellish every part of the shop inside and outside.
"Stavri" is decorated with traditional tools and period pictures of the village that will travel you through time. The cafe has been there since 1959 at the picturesque crossroads and overlooks the beautiful view of the chestnut forest of Agiasos village.