Alternative Sailing



ALTERNATIVE SAILING, the key to Aegean Nature

Dream of a Sea where...
The wind blows most of the year, playfully changing its force and direction, challenging your sailing skills.
You can easily pass from the crowds to the total loneliness in a few miles trip.
You can sail through the centuries since on almost every cape you can spot the ruins of an ancient temple or castle.
You can rest on a volcanic rock and relocate yourself in Nature while listening to the song of a blackbird in the Sunset.

Then, make your dreams come true!
Sail the Aegean with ALTERNATIVE SAILING because we hold one of the keys to the Aegean Nature.
Even more, your special interests and hobbies can be combined with sailing vacations.
Scuba diving, hiking, biking, 4Χ4, windsurfing, bird-watching, horse riding, natural thermal spas, photography, painting, history, archaeology, folklore, architecture and above all, the traditional flavors of the Greek dishes cooked either on board or in selected local taverns.
If you are looking for something more than sunbathing and night-life then let us be your guides to North Aegean and Lesvos island. The place announced as
  "Global Geopark" by Unesco.