"To Zoumbouli " Tavern



Zoumbouli is a traditional tavern that has been operating under the same direction for 30 years. The style of the place and the food refer to an old buttock, and this is enhanced by live music (mostly rebetika and artwork) on days set per season. The list covers all tastes. One can find all the classic Greek moussaka  type dishes, but also more sophisticated, such as the meliriti feta cheese ( feta chesse covered with a Thin layer of honey ), and more oriental, such as the chanoum yataq. All well cooked, with carefully selected and fresh ingredients, mainly from local producers of the villages of Lesvos. As for the prices, it is one of those that when the bill comes, the customer continues to smile !!! The service is serene and friendly and since it is family business , you will often see the owner's wife and children serve you. The style of the shop and the decoration are retro and the world you will come across is mainly students - due to low prices and the affiliate character - but also families and couples.

                     Open 12:00 p.m - 01:00 a.m