Monkey-Home Cafe – Snack Bar



Cocktail; coffee; eating out; The Μonkey Cafe – Snack Bar is the answer to these all!

 From 2005 until today, it has undoubtedly distinguished with the ideas, products, events and the staff and to establish itself as ' haunt ' for the most of us as it is ideal for all day.

From 7 in the morning until 3 in the evening we provide the services of specialised baristas and bartenders, by offering our excellent in every kind quality coffee , tested and thoughtful signatures beverages, friendly and attentive service with emphasis on love for what they do!

Furthermore, to the occasion and meets the kitchen. Biological products, Mediterranean flavors and fresh and pure ingredients, make up a list that covers all the requirements of customers from the morning until the evening. Perfectly normal prices comparatively with the quality of products which will make difficult someone to be unsatisfied.

Finally, the cocktails.

This year's list, entitled "cocktails4u", which from this July to next May will accompany us, fits perfectly with the space, the philosophy and the history of Monkey Cafe - Snack Bar .Inside this cataloge we have the opportunity to enjoy 10 all new coctails which were created by our bartenders by using the imagination and through various local herbs and spices in which he specialized, resulting in a list with consistency and great taste variety.

You can learn and enjoy the Master Of Bartenter George over the coctails which were made for you,

Myrtle, Mastic, cucumber, royal, wicker and many other fruits and herbs are here to arouse interest and to renew our disposal for the coming winter.