Mousiko Kafeneio Art Cafe Bar



The history of the "Cafe de la musique" begins 100 years before, known as the cafe 'Queen', a place that hosted musicians from Asia Minor and local artists. The cafe-bar passed to the Benaki family in 1987.  Since then, they have created multi exhibitions, theatrical performances and various musical activities. An integral part of the story so far of the Music Caf is the establishment of the artistic union 'Kafelogioi ', with founding members, important personalities of the Lesvos island as Maki Axioti, Stratis Myflouzelli, Panagiotis Alexelli, Argyris Pantelis and many others. The aim was and remains the promotion of literature and the arts. Continuous goal of the Cafe de la musique is the fun, effective communication among friends and the evolution of mankind.