Church of Panagia Troulloti (Blessed Virgin Mary)



The church of the Virgin (Panagia) Troulloti is built in the area of the Ano Pyrgoi at Thermi, in the eastern part of Lesvos, only 10 kms from the city of Mytilene. The church belongs to the type known as domed cross-in-square and dates in the 14th century. It constitutes one of the few Byzantine churches preserved on Lesbos. 

Architectural members from more ancient buildings are incorporated in the masonry of the monument, two of which are marble relieves of particular interest in the south wall of the narthex. These two relieves are ornamented with both human figures as well as animal ones (such as that of a bear or a deer) and they were probably taken from the nearby sanctuary of Artemis Thermia. The interior of the church is decorated with wall paintings that date after its foundation and are only partially preserved. 

Its wood carved templon dates in the mid-18th century and constitutes one of the most exquisite samples of post-Byzantine wood carving on Lesvos.