3/6 When Parents Separate



The Municipality of Kifissia and the Department of Social Services, Education, Sports and Culture invite you to the speech of the psychoanalyst Dr. Panos Papatheodorou on the topic:

"When parents separate"

The separation of a parent couple is a catalyst moment for the family but also destiny of all its members. Both on the part of the parents and on the part of the child who, as a symptom of the parent, are called upon to re-negotiate their position again. It will do so in a new treaty where parents will be faced with their own renegotiation of their position as parents towards the child. It is therefore something that will bring them all to face with what they are and have been like children.

Wednesday 6 March 2019
125 Tatoiou Avenue & 140 Lyra Georgiou Street, Kifissia, OAED-IEK Building, Kifissia.