George Drossinis Museum



The George Drossinis Museum occupies the entrance to the three rooms on the floor of “Amaryllis” Villa.

The inside court, dominated by a bust of George Drossinis in a corner, is fitted out as, a tiered open air amphitheatre for various spectacles, conferences and other cultural events, that take place there at the time of the year when the weather is good.

On the other side of the court, the old mews has been fitted out as conference and projection room, notably to serve school children groups who, in this way, complete their visit to the Museum. The walls are decorated with various pictures and photographs referring to the work of the Poet, as well as a board of paintings and stickers made up by school children and showing G. Drossinis’ family tree.

Tha main room or folklore room shows the heroes of G. Drossinis’ various books. The visit is to be carried out from right to left.
-    “Agrotikai Epistolai”
-    “Amaryllis”
-    “The blossoming almond tree”
-    Athanassios Diakos
-    The grandfather and his grandchildren
-    “Ersy”
-    Keti Manou
-    “Irini”

The right room or literature room. All the walls of this room are covered with wall glass cases in which the spirit, the works and the activities of G. Drossinis reign supreme. The works displayed here, all written by him, are classified in chronological order. To be visited from right to left. 

The room to the left or the intimacy room was the Poet’s bedroom. Beyond the Poet, it is the man that we are meeting now. Behind the door of the room hangs the period photograph of the house where the Poet was born at Plaka, a very old neighborhood of Athens, just under the Acropolis. It is to be visited from right to left. 

Working Hours
Open daily, in the mornings

Closed: Sunday and holidays

Free Entrance