Grave of Digenes at Kouri



The two carved tombstones are probably of the Hellenistic era. Due to Earthquakes, one tomb is completely turned upside down and the stone cover is 3-4 meters away. It has the name ''Grave of Digenes Akritas'', based in the tradition that the border soldier and defender of the island was buried there. The most famous folksong of Acritic songs, in the Greek literature has the name ''Digenes Akritas''.
This epic folksong details the life of the hero, Basil, whose epithet Digenes Akritas refers to his mixed Byzantine-Cappadocian Greek and Arab blood. The first part of the epic details the lives of his parents, how they met, and how his father, an Emir, converted to Christianity after abducting and marrying Digenes' mother.
The remainder of the epic discusses, often from a first-person point of view, Basil's acts of heroism on the Byzantine border.