Agios Fragkiskos Convent




Information: The convent of Aghios Fragkiskos (St. Francis) was built in 1702 by the Order of the Franciscans who had settled on the island and became one of the Catholic centers in Tinos. The convent joined the “Province of Venice” in 1703.
The church was partially destroyed by the Turks in 1715. The Franciscans had lost the ownership until 1721, when they retook it with the aid of christians diplomats. Then the convent was attached to the central monastery of Santa Maria Draperis in Constantinople.
The convent was restored and flourished following the financial assistance of the monastery of Constantinople until 1923, when a fire broke out and destroyed it completely. The Franciscans reerected it, but a second devastating fire that broke out after a while disappointed them so much that they left the island.
Today, the convent belongs to the Catholic Church of Tinos.