Archaeological Museum



Information: Located on the main road leading from the port to the church of Megalochari. You will find a rich collection of pottery and household items from various periods, vases of the geometric period and amphorae and large clay pots and tombstones of the 5th century, found in Exombourgo and in Cavos. Pieces of the Poseidon and Amphitriti temple are exhibited in the courtyard of the museum.
In the museum there is also a rare collection of ancient coins of Tinos on display as well as a beautiful mosaic floor found in Panagia.

Opening Hours: 

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 09:00am-16:00pm

Wednesday: 09:00am-16:00pm

Thursday: 09:00am-16:00pm

Friday: 09:00am-16:00pm

Saturday: 09:00am-16:00pm

Sunday: 09:00am-16:00pm

Entrance Fee: 

2 Euro
Reduced: 1 Euro