Dyo Choria



Situated on a green and fertile hillside, it is considered the balcony of Tinos along with “Triantaros” and “Berdemiaros”. Its name derives from two nearby settlements which later formed a beautiful village (dyo choria = two villages).
It is worth walking through its narrow streets and admire the simple Cycladic architecture. Standing on its big square with the plane trees and bougainvilleas you can see a number of islands scattered in the central Aegean Sea far away. It is situated at an altitude of 450 m above sea level and has many interesting spots, such as springs with gurgling water, a well planted ravine, narrow cobblestone paths and picturesque arches of the medieval era.

Distance from Chora: 8.2 km / 16 mins by car

Road condition:

source: www.tinos.gr