Kolios Winery



The winery is situated on a mountain peak about a kilometer on the outskirts of Statos Ayios Photios village towards the monastery of Chryssoroyiatissa, in the Paphos district.

Next to the winery, at a high of 3000 feet, are to be found the “Kolios” vineyards. This same earth that our ancestors cultivated for more than four generations, we cultivate today with the same zeal and love.

The grapes are hand picked and processed immediately using the most recent wine technology: low pressure pneumatic press, mild pressure, cool cleaning of the must and kneading in a controlled temperature (in stainless steel tanks equipped with special cooling jackets).

The great height, the plentiful sunshine due to the orientation of the ground and the light calcareous soil in conjunction with the dry but cool summer, give to our vineyards the ideal requirements for excellent quality grapes with great taste.

From the ancient times the area has been famous for its agricultural products and especially for its grapes and magnificent wine.

This tradition we continue today at our family winery, creating wines of excellent quality and taste with a lot of love, enthusiasm and a feeling of responsibility.

Persefoni White Dry - Xynisteri
Persefoni White Medium Dry - Xynisteri
Cornetto Rose Dry - Mavro
Cornetto Rose Medium Dry - Mavro
Saint Fotios Red Dry - Maratheftiko
Status 99 Red Medium Dry - Maratheftiko & Mavro
Cabernet Sauvignon - Oak Aged Red Dry
Maratheftiko Oak Aged Red Dry
Shiraz/Merlot - Oak Aged Red Dry
Shiraz - Oak Aged Red Dry

Create wines of excellent quality and taste with a lot of love, enthusiasm and a feeling of responsibility

Mon-Sat: 09:00-16:00
Sun: Closed