EcoTour Adventures



Discover the Hidden Treasures of the Island of Cyprus


“Every trip is a new adventure...Even after 15 years, with every new unique group, we still discover a new dirt-track, a new goat-path, a new Beach...That’s what adventure is all about! That’s why we love what we do.”


Single-Day – Single-Vehicle, 4x4 EcoTour Adventures In the Back-Roads of Untouched Cyprus


Paphos based tours in the Akamas Peninsula, Troodos mountains,  and private tours upon request

• Experience Places & Natural Sites normally inaccessible to commercial tourism

• Recognise & Appreciate the Significance of Preserving our Precious Ecological Heritage

• Walk the Natural Wonders

• Swim the Pristine Waters

• See Mythological & Historical sites and relics

• Enjoy Local Food & Wine

• Refreshments are provided in one of our morning breaks


Phone: 99 280760 - 97790674


Timetables: 08:00am-21:00pm