Paradise Place Music Bar



A cool, relaxed coffee shop and bar, by the sea, where you can enjoy refreshment, while admiring the sun setting in the sea.

Our bar provides simple, honest drinks at very affordable prices, so that you can spend several hours tuning in the good vibes of the place.

Due to the location, no matter how hot it is, here we always have a nice cool breeze that you won't find somewhere else around.

While you relax in the hammock you can play your own music from you tube.

The free WI FI available allows you to instantly share your experience with your friends.

We also organise periodic events: Jazz Festival, Reggae Festival and we are willing to organise parties, gathering or whatever ideas you have.

During the days of the events you can camp for free on the grounds of the bar and use the outside shower overlooking the sea. 

The Paradise Beach which is 10 min walk from here is the only sandy beach in the area, where you can find nice natural shade both in the morning and afternoon. 

Timetable: Mon-Sun: 10:00 am - 2:00 am