Bob-a-Lou Creperie Cafe




Description:Welcome to Bob-a-Lou Creperie Cafe in Limassol, Cyprus!
Bob-a-lou is the place for anyone to relax, enjoy delicious crepes, snacks, salads and coffee. Watch football games and have fun with friends and family.
Now you're one step closer to discovering and enjoying... the best crepe in town!
Click on the menu and you'll see that sweet and savoury crepes are our speciality. But that's not all! Our chefs whip up everything from snacks and salads to hot dishes, waffles and desserts. Because we want you, your family and your friends to enjoy whatever you fancy - all made from top quality ingredients for the perfect taste, with every bite.
Above all, we want you to have a great time... at Bob-a-lou Creperie Cafe.



Working Hours:
Monday-Friday: 10:30 - 02:00
Saturday-Sunday: 15:30 - 02:00


Mobile Number: 70007069
Fax Number: 25730032