Proceed along the main artery between Mytilene and Mandamados and, some 22 kilometers from the great Lesvos capital, you will arrive at Ksabelia. To many, the pleasant, tranquil beach is the best place to have a swim if you are particular to warmer water temperatures as, indeed, the water here is warmer than you are likely to encounter in many other parts of the island.

Right at the end of the municipality of Thermi, Ksabelia should be part of the itinerary of any roaming visitor with an eye to discovering the attractions of eastern Lesvos and sampling its beaches.

Equipped with complimentary sun recliners and umbrellas, the sandy, well-maintained beach is ideally suited to a long day by the sea and a meal in one of the tavernas and restaurants in the area. If you have a taste for Lesvian cuisine, do make the trip to Ksabelia – there is a variety of tavernas where local dishes may be enjoyed (and washed down with copious amounts of ouzo) and, as an added bonus, the beach affords distant views to Asia Minor.