Pet Shop Moutzouris




Here you can buy from the simplest to the most specialized products as well as the equipment for your productive animals and pets.
More specifically from us you can find:

You can choose from our various range of poultry as well as the right animal food, at the best prices and with the quality to remain unaltered.

Are you a fan of canaries, parrots or pigeons? You have found your space! Choose the equipment that suits you and all the necessary accessories for your birds.

Also, we offer the best foods with trace elements, proteins, vitamins, supplements and protect your chicks with special feed creams.

PETS : Everything about dogs, cats, pet rabbits, rodents and fish. Take care of their living space, with the ideal houses, baskets, cages and aquariums, according to their needs. In addition, equip yourself with the appropriate drinkers, feeders, toys, collars and whatever else they need, from the wide variety we have. Finally, learn about the delicacies as well as the high quality foods with multivitamins and proteins that we can provide you with.