Vatera, Polichnitos



Description: Vatera is a 9-kilometer long sandy beach in the southern part of Lesvos. The name (Vatera) comes from vata (vata, meaning "bramble"), in reference to prickly bushes that blocked the old mule-drive access. It’s the longest beach of the island. Vatera beach is also awarded with blue flag.


Distance from Polichnitos:  8km/ 11mins

Distance from Mytilene:       58km/ 1h 30mins

Road Condition:                  Good

Type of Terrain:                   Sand

Depth:                                 Deep

Umbrellas:                          Yes

Sunbeds:                            Yes

Natural Shade:                    No

Showers:                            Yes 

Facilities:                           Changing Rooms, Beach Bars, Water Sports, Traditional Taverns, Souvenir Shops