09/05 (Sept 5th) Agios Zaharias



To attend this festival, you have to go to Diafani village on the 4th of September and take a boat at around 10am to Palatia beach - Saria, where the small church is settled on the top of the mountain. When you reach there, leave somewhere a sleeping bag, because you will sleep there. Till the liturgy starts you can rest or swim in the amazing clear waters. Of course, you will see women carrying and wearing their traditional costumes, even if they have to carry them under the hot sun in this islet. Then, free dinner is offered and music and dance will begin till early morning. The same thing happens the next day, but in fewer hours, because that day you will go back by the boat. Bring more supplies if you thing you may need, one big bottle of water, mosquito lotion and your camera. You can support economically the festive by leaving a few money as locals do. You can check if there are tourist boats beginning from Pigadia Port to do it as a day tour instead of two days, if you do not want to stay there at night.