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The vision of the company is to be considered as a production unit of cleaning in both detergent and chemical cleaning products all over the world. Our aim is to always be ready, continually produce and plan products and always be ready to serve you after the sales that will meet our clientele expectations. Nevertheless, we follow safety procedures for a healthy staff environment and as a result the environmental management. Furthermore, we take in account all the necessary measures within the legal and many other requirements contexts that can influence our activities.

To achieve the above objectives we have set for the following:

•Continuous monitoring and evaluation of developments in technology and the market and use of necessary equipment, properly maintained and calibrated.

• Continuous evaluation and improvement of the competence and awareness of our staff and all of our partners.

• Continuous improvement of the range of products and packaging.

• Create strategic alliances and generally upgrading relations with all concerned parties.

• Systematic improvement of the working methods of the conditions used in the upgrade of our products and the production chain including the after-sales service.

• A systematic approach to the evaluation of risk assessments and environmental impact assessment and the control measures under them.

Our company has implemented an integrated management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 - Quality Management System, ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System, OHSAS 18001 / ELOT 1801 - Health management system and safety and legal requirements for Safety and Health at Work and environmental protection.

The formulation, implementation and continuous improvement of the system is a priority and primary responsibility of the company management. All staff have been informed about the company's policy and properly trained to implement the integrated system and everyone is responsible for the effective implementation of the labor sector. The management of the company commits to monitor and support staff with all necessary means in order to maximize the effort to achieve the above objectives in this policy. It is also committed to the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases and the prevention of pollution.

This policy is reviewed periodically and is available to anyone who requests it.

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